The Open Secret Research SPORE invites you to participate in WASTE OF HISTORY, an online colloquium. Spring is conference season, and for many of us conferences are a double edged sword. On one hand, conferences are perfunctory requirements of our degree programs and professional lives. We perform the necessary obedience demanded by academic value machines in return for a brief opportunity to meet and learn from each other. On the other hand, conferences are spaces ripe with potentiality. There might be a phrase, concept, turn, or flash of friendship that enlivens us and changes the trajectory of our work. 

Unlike most colloquiums that pose a theme for analysis, WASTE OF HISTORY takes the material conditions of our pandemic moment as an invitation. Many of you have written proposals and papers for conferences that have been postponed or cancelled. Rather than let that work go unsocialized, we invite you to submit these proposals for participation in what will necessarily be an anomalous and interdisciplinary gathering. 

All proposals are be welcome and will be accommodated. The colloquium scheduling and logistics will emerge from the interest and enthusiasm it generates, though we will aim to convene late April or early May.

All types of creative and intellectual activity are encouraged: reading groups, roundtables, poetry readings, video-work, sound projects, short provocations, art projects, communiques and reflections from the ground-zeros of your life, collective hands on workshops, works in progress, and informal scheming. 

Please share this call widely to colleagues, friends, and comrades from other institutions and cities. Every crisis provides an opportunity for creative solutions. Whether these opportunities are instrumentalized by the deputies of capital to maintain order, or by us to connect and collectivize in sustaining ways is up to us. Don’t let history go to waste!

Please reach out to Rob Jackson (rkjackso@ualberta.ca) by April 1 with proposals. Please include 3 keywords. From these keywords I will try and cluster presentations according to latent or explicit connections.

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